High Quality Service

01 New Roller

For new rollers you can supply the core for us to cover with rubber or we can supply complete. We work with solid rolls and hollow cylinders made from a wide range of metals such as steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

02 Roll Recover

In addition to manufacturing new rollers, PT Parata Maju Asri also specializes in recovering rollers by reconditioning existing rollers. Before working with us, many of our customers disposed of their used, worn out rolls and order completely new parts, core and all from the OEM.

03 Re-Grinding

To get more life out of your rubber-covered roller, regrinds by PT Parata Maju Asri might be an option. If tolerances allow, regrinding the surface of the roller to remove imperfections from previous use is an option and less timely then tearing down and recovering the roller.

04 Crowning Rol

Crowning height is the difference between the diameter of the roller center and the diameter of near the roller end. The purpose of giving crown to rollers is:

-Correction of the roller deflection during operation (Even contact)
-The value of L/D (roller length / roller diameter) is relatively big

05 Grooving

Special surface grooving is widely used in various fields. The main purpose of the grooving are:

-To increase the amount of coating
-To smooth out wrinkles in plastics flim and papers

Our Principal

Let's build up prosperous future with overflowing youthfulness and unrivalled products; Let's improve intelligence and technology and challenge the changes of tommorrow; Let's bring out the unlimited capability within us through confidence and guidance in each of us for each other.