In addition to manufacturing new rollers, PT Parata Maju Asri also specializes in recovering rollers by reconditioning existing rollers. Before working with us, many of our customers disposed of their used, worn out rolls and order completely new parts, core and all from the OEM. In most cases, the body of your roller or metal core is fine, only the rubber was worn. Through our in-house process your used roller can be renewed to a “like new” state saving you time and money compared to buying new rollers.

Our recovering process is designed to guarantee usability and client satisfaction. Steps include:

  • Inspecting incoming rollers
  • Repairing core and shaft, if necessary
  • Stripping of old worn rubber
  • Recoating with new rubber
  • Curing rubber in a controlled pressure
  • Trimming to specific length and diameter with precision grinding
  • Polishing
  • Inspecting recovered roller according to Katsura’s quality standards
  • Packaging for secure and on-time delivery