Sigma Eco is a high grade inking roller designed for Environmentally-friendly inks such as Non-aromatic inks and Vegetable-oil based inks as well as Conventional oil-based inks. Environmentally-friendly inks often have negative effects on rubber rollers such as diameter shrinkage, need of frequent nip-adjustment and shorter lifetime. Sigma Eco has overcome such problems. 


1. Excellent dimensional stability over time.
2. Excellent hardness-stability and glaze-resistance.
3. Extraordinary small heat build-up even in high speed runs.
4. Minimal changes in nip-width and ink viscosity, offering stable printing quality.
5. Highly resistant to widely used roller washing solutions.


25,30,35,40 (Shore A)

Physical Properties

Color GrayOrangeBlueGray
HardnessShore A30303125
Tensile strengthMPa5.
Tearing strengthN/mm914159
Heat buildup°C16181716

*Heat buildup – Flexo test (Loading12 Pond, 40°C)
*Above is a representative value, not a standard value.

Dimensional and Hardness changes in the actual printing press


1 Working time: 8 hours, Measured roller position: F roller (Distributor roller)

Diameter shrinkage of Sigma Eco after 1 year is still less than 0.25mm and

Hardness increase is 4 degrees. There is no glazing and still offering stable
printing quality.

Comparison of weight-change rate