Grabit is a superior hickey picker roller that solves problems like paper dust, Molleton
fluff and ink scum that causes hickey troubles in offset printing.
Grabit has overcome the weak points of conventional hickey picker rollers which were,
for example, "making life of the plate short due to stiff rubber surface" and "high-cost
of the roller".

1. Structure of Grabit
These rollers are produced with our company technology using an unique blend of elastomer
and cut fiber. The surface is like buckskin which has moderate softness.


2. Features
     a) Fast and effective removal of dusts. Those dusts which adhere on the Grabit will easily come off by automatic cleaning.
     b) The buckskin surface is moderately soft and does not harm the plate which makes it longer life.

3. Comparison of Grabit with competitor's products

 GRABITProduct AProduct BProduct C
Joint patternAxialSpiralAxialAxial

Contact strength
to the plate



Cleaning inkEasyDifficultRather difficultEasy
Life12 months12 months12 months6 months
PriceLowHighLowRather high

4. The benefits of using Grabit

   1) Increases the operating efficiency safely because dangerous cleaning while the press
       is running is unnecessary. You will also achieve stable color control by not
       stopping the press each time.
   2) Reduces hickey troubles in solid section and halftone section, leading to saving
       papers and inks and improves manufacturing efficiency.

5. Instruction of using Grabit rollers
   1) Installation position
       Installing Grabit roller in the first form roller position yields best removal of
       foreign objects.
       (Install Grabit on the second form roller if the press has Dahlgren dampening
   2) Cleaning method
      a) For Cleaning, use kerosene or commercially available roller wash(petroleum base)and
          perform automatic cleaning with the press. Due to its rough surface texture,
          cleaning will take somewhat longer than normal rollers. Do not use chlorine solvents
          such as trichloethane-based or polarized solvents such as MEK.
      b) When changing to brighter colors, we recommend removing Grabit roller from the
          press, then hand washing and rinsing.
      c) Once a month, remove Grabit roller from the press and thoroughly wet the surface
          with roller wash, and use a brass brush to remove foreign objects from the surface.
          This will restore the capacity to remove foreign objects and maintain the roller's