Inking Rollers

For Oil-based InkSIGMA ECO25~40Gray● Suitable for Eco-friendly Ink.
● Excellent dimensional stability.
● Excellent hardness stability and glaze resistance.
● Minimal heat build-up in high speed runs.
● Minimal changes in nip-width.
NEW TX15Green● Conventional rubber material
For UV and Oil-based InkAVANT UV(Resin / polyUrethane)15~60Light Blue● For both UV and Oil-based Ink.
● Improved ink transferability.
● Improved rubber deterioration.
● Easy-to-clean.
● Highly resistant to ink and solvent.
● No need of trial run when switching inks.
UV20~40Dark Green● For both UV and Oil-based Ink.
For Hickey PickerGRABIT55Black● Remove paper dust (hickey) on printing plate
Transfer RollerRILSAN75Dark Blue● Abrasion resistance
●Chemical resistance
● Good ink transferability

Dampening Rollers

For Continuous DampeningHW20~30Violet● High dimensional stability to Ecofriendly Ink.
● Smaller changes of nip-width.
● Stable hardness and water supply width.
● Excellent durability.
● High hydrophilicity.
New W420~30Dark Green● High-hydrophilicity.
● Long life time.
UVW25~30Purple● For UV and Oil-based Ink.
For MolletonNEX20~30Brown● Less shoulder drop.
● For Molleton.
● Fountain solution resistance.