• Physical property, Dynamic strain property and high abrasion resistance are comparable to PU.
  • High heat resistance up to 180 Deg. Celsius (150 Deg. Celsius continuously).

    Hardness: 80, 90, 95 Shore-A

Physical properties

 Titan Black 80Titan Black 90Titan Black 95
Hardness: Shore-A788793
100% modulus: MPa6.614.617.0
Tensile strength:MPa31.136.137.9
Elongation: %300230260
Tear strength: N/mm67.665.554.6
Abrasion resistance:
cc/1000 times
Strain recovery: %
Hardness change after
aging by heat *

Tensile strength change
after aging by heat: %

Elongation change after
aging by heat: %

**Above data is a representative value, not standard value.
*Heat aging condition: 180 Deg. Celsius x 72h

【Test method】
Hardness: JIS-K-6253
100% modulus, Tensile Strength, Elongation: JIS-K-6251
Tear strength: JIS-K-6252
Abrasion resistance: JIS-K-6264 (Load: 10 lb).
The smaller the value is, the better abrasion resistance it has.
Strain recovery: Katsura’sset test
The bigger the value is, the better strain recovery property it has.
Metal cylinder (OD: 5mm) is pressed onto the rubber sample to apply 2mm dent. Recovery rate is measured after 3 minutes after metal cylinder is removed (Moving speed 2mm/min.)