Type Of Rubber

Rubber TypeCompoundHardnessColorCharacteristic / FeaturesCommon ApplicationIndustry
NBR (Nitrile Rubber)20030 - 90WhiteGeneral NBR Press Roll, Feed RollFlexible Packaging
140030 - 40GreenOzone ResistantTouch Roll, Contact RollFilm Industry
White EC 20030 - 80Milky WhiteAnti StaticPress Roll, Lamination RollFlexible Packaging
Black EC 20050 - 90BlackConductivePress RollFlexible Packaging
White H 20070 - 90CreamHeat Resistance up to 120 CLamination rollFlexible Packaging
Wack80 - 90GreyLoad Resistant, Strain RecoveryNip RollFiber Industry
600030 - 70Light Green Solvent Resistant, Very High NitrileWhite Coating RollMetal Printing
TITAN BLACK80 - 95BlackHigh Strength, Heat ResistantPlastic Palletizer
TITAN White70 - 95WhiteHigh Strength, Heat ResistantPlastic Palletizer
(Ethylene Propylene Rubber)
70040 - 80WhiteAnti Ozone, Resistant to ester and ketone solventPress Roll, Lamination RollFlexible packaging, Film Industry
EC 70050 - 80BlackConductivePress Roll, Anchor Coating RollFlexible packaging, Film Industry
DYNA White60 - 90WhiteResistant to heatt and abrasionDry Lamination RollFlexible Packaging
DYNA Black60 - 90 BlackResistant to heatt and abrasionDry Lamination RollFlexible Packaging
IIR (Butyl Rubber)700020 - 70YellowPolar solvent ResistantFurnisher Roller, Varnish RollFlexible Packaging, Plywood
SILICONEWhite 90030 - 80WhiteHeat Resistance up to 220 CExtrution Lamination rollFlexible packaging, Film Industry
White A90070 - 80WhiteAbrasion Resistant and heat resistant up to 220 CMDO RollFilm Industry
OTHERSCORONA70WhiteCorona RollFilm Industry
EC Cleaner15 - 40VariousAnti-static Sticky RubberCleaning RollFlexible packaging, Film Industry

Flexible Packaging

Roller ApplicationRecommended MaterialHardnessRequired Properties
Impression Roller EC 700; White EC 20060 - 80Anti-static, Anti distortion, Anti crack
Furnisher Roller700040 - 60Ink resistance, Solvent resistance, Dimensional stability
T-die Extrusion Laminate Roller900; A90070-80Heat resistance; High release property, Anti distortion
Anchor Coating RollerEC 70060 - 80Anti-static, Solvent resistance, High release property
Dry Lamination Nip RollerEC 700; White EC 20070-90Anti-static, Solvent resistance
Dry Lamination Press RollerWack; White EC 200; White H200; EC 70070-80Pressure resistance, Anti-static, Abrasion resistance, Stain recovery
Cleaning RollerEC Cleaner15 - 40Sticky rubber to remove dust or foreign substrate

Plastic Film

Roller ApplicationRecommended MaterialHardnessRequired Properties
Winder Touch Roller1400; White EC 20030 - 60Abrasion resistance, Low coeficient of friction, Ozone resistance
MDO Nip RollerA 90070Abrasion resistance against film edge, Excellent release property
Contact Roller1400; White EC 20030 - 60Ozone resistance, Abrasion resistance
Cleaning RollerEC Cleaner15 - 40Sticky rubber to remove dust or foreign substrate
Corona RollerCORONA70Corona resistance, Ozone resistance

Metal Printing

Roller ApplicationRecommended MaterialHardnessRequired Properties
2 Piece Can (Water based)7000; 600030 - 60 Paint resistance, Abrasion resistance, Dimensional stability
2 Piece Can (Oil based)MC20 - 55Coating material resistance, Abrasion resistance, Dimensional stability
3 Piece Can Coating Roller7000; 600030 - 60 Coating material resistance, Abrasion resistance, Dimensional stability
Inking Roller (UV based) UV; Avant UV20 - 40 Low heat build up; Dimensional stability, Solvent resistance
Inking Roller (Oil based) UV; UVS; Avant UV20 - 40 Low heat build up; Dimensional stability, Solvent resistance
Continuous Dampening RollerNew W4; UVW20 - 30Wettabilitu, Dimensional stability, Abrasion resistance


Roller ApplicationRecommended MaterialHardnessRequired Properties
Glue Spreader Roller20040 - 60Anti-static, Anti distortion, Anti crack
Coating Roller6000; 700040 - 50Solvent resistance, Abrasion resistance
Sponge Coating RollerE-SP; C-SP15 - 50Solvent resistance, Abrasion resistance, Foam uniformity
Offset Roller6000; 700020 - 50 Abrasion resistance, Ink transferbility

Plastic Palletizer

Roller ApplicationRecommended MaterialHardnessRequired Properties
Palletizer Roller TITAN90High strength, Heat resistance, Strength is equivalent to Polyurethane (PU)