Katsura Roller Mfg. Co., Ltd. is a leading rubber roller manufacturing company in Japan, founded in 1898. In addition to rubber rollers, Katsura is also the creator of world-renowned dampening roller cover, New Mol. With more than a hundred years of experience, Katsura have gained the reputation as a pioneer in manufacturing rollers for printing and plastic film industry in Japan.

Their outstanding product quality is acknowledged by printing and industrial roller customers worldwide.

Throughout the century, Katsura has remained consistent in its commitment and complete dedication to the task of developing original products and creating new technologies. The company has been collaborating with technical division from major Japanese press manufactures such as Komori, Mitsubishi, Ryobi, Hamada, and Dic-Manroland in addition to designing specialized rubber materials for numerous leading Japanese manufacturers. Internationally, Katsura also collaborates with leading rubber roller companies in the Global Roller Technologies Group. Katsura is focused on developing and pursuing cutting-edge research in areas such as anti-static, heat resistant, wear resistant, and solvent resistant rollers, as well as environmentally friendly printing equipments in order to respond to the fast changing demands of the market.