To be customers’ trusted supplier to conduct ethical business practice and provide cost cutting high quality rubber rollers.


Be established as the premier manufacturer of rubber rollers in every sector of industry we serve and become a business role model in Indonesia.

Core Values

PT. Parata Maju Asri is unfalteringly committed to product quality and customer service excellence. We adopt the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement, ‘Kaizen’.

We are a strong believer that collaboration is key in solving problems and achieving great results. We collaborate our thoughts and work closely with our customers and principal, Katsura, Japan to best cater to the needs of our customers.

Working in an ethical manner is the foundation of our business. It is also our way of expressing appreciation of and commitment to maintaining the trust that our suppliers and customers have given us.

We constantly seek to learn new developments in the roller industry and in the industries we serve. We also transfer information to our customers about the new developments and about the need and benefits of using high quality rubber roller.